The protected business is a precondition for the countrys development!


We are an actively growing company. Despite the small amount of time on the market, reliability in us and the number of facilities to be protected are increasing day by day. Our guards protect one of the largest shopping centers in Georgia, Galleria Tbilisi, facilities under construction, including hotel Hilton in Tbilisi currently under construction, hotels in resort cities of Georgia and cement factories. The organization is composed of operative response groups, video cameras monitoring, and inspection and supervision groups. The organization has a reserve consisting of former staff members of the law enforcement and security services, from where the security guards are disseminated to new facilities according to their qualifications and experience.

More than 100 employees

we will ensure the prevention of threat against your business asset and personal security.

Professionals in management

Security planning with us is flexible, proportionate to customer challenges and requirements.


Control and supervision is a necessary condition for the implementation of successful security programs.


Our right to be protected- requires the ability to fight for protection, for which we need to stand together.


The security services users are convinced that through the cooperation with us their assets, people and property will be protected, while the activities – transparent, open and fair.

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